A conversation about how Wellington City Council can work better with young people, and the strategies needed to do that. The biggest project in Wellington City Youth Council history.

The promotional video for #EngageWGTN, starring Youth Council Deputy Chair Brad Olsen, and Members Jackson Lacy, Sophie Reedy-Young, Tim Rutherford, and Jack Marshall.

#EngageWGTN is a conversation about how young people and local government can work better together.
Young people are not being heard by local government. Wellington City Council know what business people and angry old people and ‘ratepayers’ think but they don’t hear from the people matter the most - us.
This is our city, and our future. We're sick of being told we don’t care, and we're sick of being left out of the conversation.
We care a lot about our city and seeing it grow, and we have amazing ideas about how to do that. Wellington City Youth Council are about to rock the boat and change the system.
Through the development of a Youth Engagement Strategy for Wellington City Council, we're making sure everyone comes to the table and gets things done. That means Councillors, that means Council staff, and that means us as young people.
In May 2016, Youth Council held a series of hui around Wellington to hear from young people about how we want to be engaged with. Following that, we consulted with community stakeholders, and are currently in the process of working with Council to write the final Youth Engagement Strategy, which we're hoping to present to Council in the future.
#EngageWGTN was funded by the Ministry of Youth Development and the Wellington City Council, through the Local Government Youth Project Fund.
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