How will you grow up? That’s the question asked by TEDxYouth@Thorndon, Wellington’s first ever TEDxYouth event. TEDxYouth@Thorndon hoped to disrupt traditional ideas of the role of young people in our society. We did just that.

My friend Ruby Hooper speaking on our stage. (Photo: Emory Fierlinger/TEDxYouth@Thorndon)
We did a really cool thing.
On 27 September 2016, more than 150 people gathered at City Gallery Wellington for TEDxYouth@Thorndon 2016, an event that hoped to "disrupt traditional ideas of the role of young people in our society."
In my opinion, it did.
Our host Peter McKenzie taking the greatest selfie of all time. (Photo: Emory Fierlinger/TEDxYouth@Thorndon)
We were able to play our part in the evolution of youth discourse, beginning a discussion of fundamental ideas that continues to this day. We helped people tell their stories. We helped people show to an audience what being young meant to them. We helped 150 people ask themselves find their own answer to that question.
My friend Amarind Hun Eng's talk: "Changing what it means to be Youth". One that I believe shows exactly what we were trying to do.
Me, fixing something to do with the PowerPoint. My role as Associate Media Director began to encompass my A/V talents in a multitude of ways. (Photo: Benji Hartfield/TEDxYouth@Thorndon)
I was Associate Media Director. Initially, that meant doing the website. Then it meant social media. Then it meant speaker videos. Then it meant liaising with the venue, and with our A/V provider. Luckily I was good at all of those things, and also had an amazing person helping me. Alice Sopp (my fellow Associate Media Director) is incredibly talented, passionate, and creative, and was an asset to our team.
I came to know the most amazing people through being a part of this project.
The bunch of amazing people I did this with. (L-R Eugene Huang (Co-Producer), Sonesavanh Phouphayly (Associate Experience Director), Manraj Singh Rahi (Licensee and Producer), Alice Sopp (Associate Media Director), Ana Menzies (Associate Experience Director), Jennika Patel (Associate Finance Director), Jackson Lacy (Associate Media Director), Erica Wang (Associate Speakers Director), Mira Karunanidhi (Associate Speakers Director), Stephanie Cheevers (Associate Finance Director)) (Photo: Benji Hartfield/TEDxYouth@Thorndon)
The team that made TEDxYouth@Thorndon happen is the most talent, supportive, smart, and phenomenal group of young people I could ever hope to know. To them I owe a lot of my development, and my eternal gratitude.
Our Licensee and Producer Manraj Singh Rahi speaking on our stage. (Photo: Benji Hartfield/TEDxYouth@Thorndon)
We're currently on hiatus, and have withdrawn our application for a new license. That means that there'll be no TEDxYouth@Thorndon 2017, at least, not with us organising it anyway. We'll be revisiting the situation periodically.
Take a look at our website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram account, for updates on that matter. Or watch all of our talks in this YouTube playlist.
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