Wellington Girls' College Feminist Club Radio

A weekly feminist discussion on air. 4-5 Thursdays on Wellington Access Radio. Note: Due to some internal organisational changes, as of February 2017 I am no longer a part of this project.

With the crew in the Wellington Access Radio studio.
WGCFCR (or Fem Club Radio as some of us affectionately call it) is a weekly feminist discussion show hosted by students from Wellington Girls' College, and also me (but only sometimes).
We're on air from 4-5pm every Thursday, and we broadcast on Wellington Access Radio (currently 783am in the Wellington region, but it's moving to FM at some point in 2017, and can of course be livestreamed).
We discuss societal issues, global events, and the news of the day, all from an intersectional feminist perspective, as well as playing some really cool music. 
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